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Reserving ECASD Fields

Eau Claire Parks and Rec green areas do not require a fee for use.  However, use of the ECASD fields require a fee if you do not use the ECASD fields our league has reserved.  The fee is based on each request made by an authorized group.

We have two arrangements for teams to utilize Eau Claire Area School District School (ECASD) sites for practice.

  1. Use field space our league has reserved at the following ECASD sites during the following times (no charge):
    1. Northwoods Elementary, Field 1 and the surrounding green area, Monday & Wednesday, 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm
    2. Meadowview Elementary, Field 1 and the surrounding green area, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm
    3. Sherman Elementary, Field 1 and the surrounding green area, Monday & Thursday, 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Print this Facility Use Contract that AYSO has with ECASD and take it with you when using any of these three fields:  Shared Practice Fields for AYSO

Here is a Field Map Layout for Northwoods showing where Field 1 is located:  Northwoods Field Map

2. Reserve your own space.  If you do so, School sites are to be reserved with the Eau Claire School District at least two weeks in advanceThere is a charge for this type of ECASD Field use – you must follow league guidelines if you reserve your own space. 

League Guidelines for Reserving Your Own ECASD Space:

Our Soccer League will pay for field use, up to a maximum of $28.00 per team.

The ECASD fee is based on how many dates are on ONE schedule, so number of fields also matter. A schedule has a three things in common:

  • User Info—the person/group using the facility (name, address, type of group/organization, activity, etc.),
  • Location—the building/site and specific room/area (e.g. Manz Field #1)
  • Start and End Times.

This has to do with the ECASD scheduling system—after the user info, the location, and the start/end times have been entered into the system, it is fairly easy to add dates (up to 20). But if one of those basics (user info, location, time) changes, ECASD has to start from scratch by entering a new schedule into the system.

So, if you request to use Manz Field #1 on 7 dates from 5-6 PM, the registration fee would be $21.00. If you also request to use Manz Field #3 on 7 dates from 5:30-7:00 PM, that is another registration fee of $21.00. For a total of $42 in registration fees. However, if you request Manz Field #1, from 5-6 PM for all 14 dates (or up to 20 dates), the total registration fee is only $28.00.

  • If you make a request for using a one field one time, the cost is $14.00 for that request.
  • If you make another request a week later for using another field one time, the cost is another $14.00.  At this point, you have used up your $28.00 allotment for the Fall season.
  • The smarter approach is to schedule all of your practices with one request.  For our league, most teams will probably get by with the “Request is for 6 to 10 events” for $21.00, or “Request is for 11 to 20 Events for $28.00.  Field Use Application Form
  • The charge is not necessarily for how many different dates and fields you schedule it’s how many times you submit a request!  Please – pre-plan and submit your all your practices on one request.  


  • ECASD requires prepayment when you submit your reservation request
  • Must be an approved vendor to ECASD to submit payment
  • Practically speaking, this means the check must come from our league
  • Contact league Treasurer Steve Palecek Treasurer@ayso803.org to receive a check. Please allow at least several days for this process.  All league checks require two signatures, his and another Board member authorized on the account.  This is not a quick process.

To reserve your own ECASD field space this fall you will need to complete the attached Pre-Filled Application For Facility Use form, indicating your desired dates of use and location.  Please try and submit all of your Fall practice requests on one Application.  Complete and submit this form – ideally only once in Fall 2017:  Facility Use Application

Submit the form to:

You have several options for submitting your completed paperwork for processing.

  • Email to: facilityuse@ecasd.us
  • Fax to: 715-852-3154
  • Deliver in person to: ECASD Service Center @ 623 N Hastings Way, Eau Claire (next to U-Haul)
  • US Mail to: ECASD Service Center, 623 N Hastings Way, Eau Claire, WI  54703


To see if fields are available for play Fall 2017: http://www.ecasd.us/ECASD/media/District-Site/BuildingsGrounds/2016_Field_Maintenance_Schedule.pdf

To check is field is already reserved on the ECASD Calendar: https://www.communityuse.com/SOA.NET/Controllers/PageController.aspx?productid=MC&pageid=CalendarMonth

Your names as coaches have been submitted to Bev Christiansen of ECASD.  Her contact information is:






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