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Player Evaluations


Please submit your team’s player evaluations online in eAYSO by May 23rd.  We need these evaluations to balance teams for next year!


  1. Log in eAYSO
  2. Select “Coaches View Team”
  3. Select “Team”
  4. Enter your player evaluations on a scale of 1 – 5.  1 is the most skilled, 5 is the least skilled.

Please rate each player by comparing to all players in division, not just your team. Remember that this should be an age-appropriate evaluation. These are examples of what you might look at depending on age of team. Younger ages (e.g. U5/U6) should not be rated on specific skills listed below but rather how they might compare to peers.

1= Advanced-                    Player demonstrates a knowledge of the game and game strategy/positions.  Player can kick with both feet well, superior ball handling skills.

2= Above Average-          Player has reasonable knowledge of the game and is comfortable with positions.  Player can kick well with one and is functional with the other foot, above average ball handling skills.

3= Average-                       Player has knowledge of the game strategy as to offense and defense and is acquiring other position skills. Player is one footed and is trying to use the other foot for kicking, average ball handling skills.

4=Below Average-            Player has some knowledge of the game and strategy but maybe having difficulty putting it in game situations. Needs work on skills and is functional with one foot but has no strength with the other.

5=Least skilled-                               Player has zero or minimal skill and/or knowledge of game